End of Summer Isn’t the End of Tick Season

American Dog Tick
American Dog Tick

Kids may have gone back to school, making summer seem officially over, but there is still plenty of warm weather expected in the Upstate. And even at summer’s end, our fantastic fall weather keeps us outside in full force. Mountain hikes, apple picking…it’s just the perfect time of year. But the bugs are still out. Ticks will be right there on the path with you, as you absorb the beginning of the Fall color change; ticks that might be carrying Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: Know the Facts

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, RMSF, is transmitted to humans by an infected American Dog Tick, Rocky Mountain Wood Tick, or Brown Dog Tick. The Clemson University Entomology department contributes most cases in this part of the country to the American dog tick. Symptoms of RMSF usually set in 2-14 days after a tick bite. In the beginning, they are often nonspecific. Fever, rash, headache, stomach pain and vomiting, conjunctivitis, joint pain: an infected person may have any combination of these basic flu-like symptoms.

Rocky_Mountain_spotted_fever_RASHA spotty rash that usually starts at the wrists and ankles is a more specific symptom but often doesn’t appear until several days into the the illness, and about 10% of those infected will not get the rash at all. Most people can be successfully treated with antibiotics. For those not treated this illness can be very dangerous.  RMSF damages your smallest blood vessels. When it goes untreated, it can lead to encephalitis, inflammation of the heart and lungs, kidney failure, infection and amputation, even death. Untreated the death rate is nearly 75%.

It is imperative that if you know that you or a family member has been bitten by a tick, you keep very aware of the onset of any of the above symptoms. Especially for small children. The American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene say that “Children 5–9 years of age appeared at highest risk for fatal outcome.” The CDC also rates children under the age of 10 at the greatest risk for fatality.

North and South Carolina are High-Risk Zones: Protect Yourself

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is reported over most of the country, but some states have a much higher rate than others. North Carolina is one of the top 5, with an annual occurrence of 19-63 cases per million people. South Carolina has the second highest rate of 1.5-19 cases per million. And here in the Upstate that puts us right on the line. Keep yourself protected. Use the appropriate bug spray and clothing, especially on those trips that keep you near trees and wooded areas. Check for ticks and if you find one, carefully remove it and make note of it. Write down the date and watch for symptoms.

Billy & Michele Scales, owners of Mosquito Squad of Greenville
Billy & Michele Scales, owners of Mosquito Squad of Greenville

At home, you can let us help. Mosquito Squad of Greenville has a comprehensive tick control program with a barrier spray that eliminates 85-90% of adult ticks in your yard. We can further your protection with our tick tube system by helping to eliminate ticks at the beginning of their lifecycle. Knowing that children have a higher risk factor, prevention is the best plan of defense. Call us today and let us create the best control program for your situation. 864-277-4299

Protection from Vector-Borne Canine Illness is Important to Mosquito Squad of Greenville!


Canine Lyme Disease and Canine Heartworms are the two vector-borne illnesses that can be spread to our pets though ticks and mosquitoes. As pet owners who consider Tillman (our Golden Retriever) to be a part of the family, we fully understand how important it is to you to protect your pets as actively as you protect your children.

If your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, joint problems and a variety of other ailments that aren’t responding to treatment or therapy from your veterinarian, Canine Lyme Disease may be to blame. This arthropod-borne disease can wreak havoc on our health and the health of our pet as well as cause dangerous disorders such as Anemia in your pet. Symptoms indicating your dog may have a tick-borne illness can include a loss of appetite, lethargy and depression, pain, diarrhea, vomiting, edema in the extremities, hemorrhaging, neurological disorders such as seizures, and even death.

Greenville Canine Lyme Disease protectionWhen it comes to your dogs and cats, Heartworm is one of the most preventable illnesses and one of the most costly to treat. Only the bite of the mosquito can infect your dog or cat with Heartworm. Once bitten by an infected mosquito it takes about seven months for the larvae to mature into adult heartworms. These worms can live for 5-7 years lodging into your pet’s heart, lungs, and surrounding blood vessels. If not caught in time it can even lead to death.

For both of these illnesses, there are steps you can take to protect your family, your home and your beloved pet. Please see our suggestions below:

  • Deer ticks in your backyard waiting for you to walk byProtect from ticks – Your veterinarian can advise you on the best tick protection for your dog, it is also a must to exercise tick safety during tick season. Even more important is to treat the areas where ticks thrive because even the best laid plans that include spot-on canine tick treatments can falter and put your dog at risk. The best way for pet owners and non-pet owners to keep their loved ones safe from the risks of tick-borne illnesses, such as Lyme Disease, is to take control of your property by keeping overgrowth, debris and brush to a minimum. In addition to mowing and landscape cleanup it is also important to have your property treated by a licensed tick control professional as another line of defense in reducing the risk of coming into contact with a potentially infected tick.
  • Mosquito Squad of GreenvilleDefend against mosquitoes – Keep your yard free of standing water and excessive brush piles to keep those pesky mosquitoes from multiplying and staying. A drop of water is enough to create a mosquito breeding ground. Mosquitoes also love cool dark places just as much as your pet does, except they don’t see them as a place to beat the heat of the day, but as a drive through for a quick meal. Allow your pets to enjoy their favorite parts of your yard with the help of Mosquito Squad’s barrier spray.
Tillman at the office.
Tillman working at the office.

Mosquito Squad of Greenville will break the Heartworm cycle by spraying your entire yard, starting at the perimeter and working inward. Our spray not only eliminates mosquitoes on contact but with our timed release formula it continues to work for up to 3 weeks, eliminating 85-90% of mosquitoes. While in our fight against Lyme Disease, we offer a dual defense program which includes tick tubes in conjunction with our seasonal barrier spray to keep you tick free all season. Our highly effective barrier spray eliminates adult ticks while tick tube implementation applied twice per season eliminates the nymph tick, snuffing out disease at its source! Our perfect pairing of tick control programs keeps tick out of sight and out of mind.

Billy & Michele Scales, owners of Mosquito Squad of Greenville.
Billy & Michele Scales, owners of Mosquito Squad of Greenville, with Tillman.

Keeping our Golden Retriever Tillman (so named in honor of fallen American soldier, Patrick Daniel “Pat” Tillman, who died serving his country), out of harm’s way is of great importance to us and we’re sure you feel the same way about your “four-legged” children. Contact Mosquito Squad of Greenville to learn more about preventing ticks that could potentially be harboring Lyme Disease and eliminating harmful mosquito bites on your property. We are scheduling tick tube implementation now. You can reach us by phone at (864) 277-4299 or via email at greenville@mosquitosquad.com.

Raising awareness of Lyme Disease starts in your Greenville backyard!

May is Lyme Disease Awareness MonthMay is Lyme Disease Awareness month. This important annual event is supported by the Lyme Disease Foundation and is used to raise awareness and support of preventative measures which can be taken against Lyme disease. Just like mosquitoes, ticks are vectors, or transmitters, of disease. Though extremely serious, mosquito-borne disease affects only a few thousand individuals in the US each year, while tick-borne disease afflicts tens of thousands.

Deer tick or blacklegged tick on leaf waiting for you to pass byLyme Disease is an acute inflammatory disease caused by the bite of a tick infected with the bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi. In the US, Lyme Disease is the most common tick-borne illness and since there is presently no vaccine for Lyme Disease in humans, prevention is the best method for thwarting the illness.

In America there are two main species of tick which carry and spread Lyme Disease. These are the  deer tick or black-legged tick (Ixodes scapularis) in the North central and Eastern parts of the country and the Western black-legged tick (Ixodes pacifus) on the West (Pacific) coast. The Deer tick is  found in wooded areas throughout the Carolinas. Mosquito Squad of Greenville aims to raise awareness of the disease, and the ticks who carry it, in order educate Greenville and Western NC residents about Lyme Disease and how they can take steps to prevent it.

Raising awareness of Lyme Disease starts in your own backyard!

The impetus of our service is to eliminate and prevent the ticks on your property that could be potential carriers of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses, no ticks = no risk for disease. Knowing how to properly eradicate and control the tick within its natural environment is the first step in staying healthy by reducing the chance of coming into contact with a tick that could potentially harbor the bacteria that causes the disease. Mosquito Squad recommends the following steps for tick-proof yard:

The 6 C’s to Tick-Proof Your Yard

Deer ticks in your backyard waiting for you to walk by1. Clear out. Reduce your tick exposure by clearing out areas where lawn and tree debris gathers. Ticks thrive in moist, shady areas and tend to die in sunny, dry areas. Locate compost piles away from play areas or high traffic. Separate them with wood chips or gravel. Don’t position playground equipment, decks and patios near treed areas.

2. Clean. Eliminate leaf litter and brush by cleaning it up around the house and lawn edges, mow tall grasses and keep your lawn short.

Daylilies3. Choose plants. Select plants and shrubs that are not attractive to deer and/or install physical barriers to keep deer out of your yard. Check with your local nursery to determine the best choices for your area.

4. Check hiding places. Know tick hiding places and check them frequently. Fences, brick and rock walls and patio retaining walls are popular hiding places.

5. Check your petsCare for family pets. Family pets can suffer from tick-borne disease and also carry infected ticks into the home. Talk to your veterinarian about using tick collars, topicals and sprays. As with all pest control products, be sure to follow directions carefully.

6. Call the pros. Professionals utilize both barrier sprays that can kill “adult” ticks on the spot as well as “tick tubes.” Strategically placed, “tick tubes” prompt field mice to incorporate tick-killing material in their bedding, effectively eliminating hundreds of tick nymphs found in each mouse nest.

how tick tubes work
How tick tubes work.

We specialize in a dual tick prevention and control program that targets ticks during each stage of development. Our barrier spray will eliminate adult ticks on contact while tick tubes are placed in key areas on your property, twice per season, to eliminate ticks during nymph stage. Tick tubes can dramatically decrease the chances of encountering a Lyme infected tick on your property.

Billy & Michele Scales, owners of Mosquito Squad of Greenville.
Billy & Michele Scales, owners of Mosquito Squad of Greenville.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Greenville to learn more about preventing ticks that could potentially be harboring Lyme Disease. We are scheduling tick tube implementation now. You can reach us by phone at (864) 277-4299 or via email at greenville@mosquitosquad.com.


Mosquito Squad of Greenville Reminds You the Month of May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

The month of May is full of special holidays and celebrations.  May is National Barbeque month, Date Your Mate month, National Blood Pressure month, and of course Lyme Disease Awareness Month.  While the first three monthly celebrations may give you a

Mosquito Squad of Greenville can eliminate ticks from your yard
Mosquito Squad of Greenville can eliminate ticks from your yard

chuckle, Lyme Disease Awareness should instead serve as a stoic reminder about the potentially debilitating disease and side effects that can have a life long effect.

Lyme Disease is growing in numbers across the United States.  The last published report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show South Carolina’s confirmed cases of Lyme in 2012 were higher than in previous years.  Lyme Disease is carried by the blacklegged tick, commonly known as the deer tick, and most easily contracted during the months of May, June and July.  The disease is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and is transmitted to humans, as well as our dogs and cats, through the bite of an infected tick.

Mosquito Squad of Greenville wants to remind you to take the potential risk of Lyme Disease seriously.  There is no way to know if a tick is infected unless it is tested but with any tick bite, proper and prompt removal is important.  Although the red “bulls-eye” rash is

The large red circle could be an indicator of Lyme Disease
The large red circle could be an indicator of Lyme Disease

the most common and noticeable symptom of Lyme Disease, other symptoms may surface within a few hours to a few days of a bite and include fatigue, chills, fever, headache, muscle and joint aches, and swollen lymph nodes.  If left untreated, additional neurological symptoms may present themselves.

The best way to avoid contracting Lyme Disease is by avoiding ticks.  Mosquito Squad of Greenville can help keep you and your family away from ticks with our two-step tick control and prevention treatment.  The first line of defense comes from our barrier spray treatment that is applied to the vegetation in your yard.  The barrier spray eliminates ticks (and mosquitoes) on contact.  The spray binds to the vegetation for up to 21 days thereby eliminating future ticks and mosquitoes that land on the leaves.  It also creates a virtual barrier around your property to keep additional ticks and mosquitoes from entering.  We then follow up with our Mosquito Squad tick tubes.

Mosquito Squads tick tubes contain treated cotton to eliminate ticks
Mosquito Squads tick tubes contain treated cotton to eliminate ticks

The tick tubes contain treated cotton that effectively targets the younger nymph ticks that are residing in rodent’s dens when the cotton is taken back to the nest. This two-step process will effectively eliminate up to 90% of ticks on your treated property.

Mosquito Squad of Greenville is your Greenville tick control and prevention company.  We are dedicated to keeping you, your family and pets safe from ticks and the diseases they can transmit.  If you’d like to begin your season long protection, give us a call at (864) 277 – 4299 or visit our Mosquito Squad of Greenville website.

Keith Drew, Mosquito Squad of Greenville
Keith Drew, Mosquito Squad of Greenville


Why Mosquito Squad of Greenville’s Mosquito and Tick Protection is Better

dread-versions31Things are sprouting up all over Greenville.  The trees are budding, flowers blooming and mosquito control companies are emerging.  You may have seen a number of companies around the area and have questions about which one is right for you.  There are differences, big differences, and not just in price.  It’s important to research the companies to be sure you are receiving the most complete mosquito and tick control and prevention for your yard and your family.


You may have noticed in the last several weeks that mosquitoes and ticks have awakened from their long winters nap.  They are out there in our Greenville yards and now is the time to get your mosquito and tick treatment started.  When you begin researching services and mosquito control companies, be sure you are comparing like services.  Ask tough questions because that is the only way you will get accurate answers.  When you call Mosquito Squad of Greenville, here are the answers to the tough questions you should ask every mosquito control company:


  • How effective is your treatment?  85 – 90% of mosquitoes and ticks will be eliminated from your yard.  Our barrier spray is proven to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks on contact and keep additional pests out of your yard.
  • Does my quote cover the entire season? Mosquito Squad of Greenville treats your property for an entire season, not a partial season.  We won’t quote you a price that only covers a small amount of sprays, running out when mosquito and tick activity is at its peak.  Our prices cover the entire season of sprays to keep you protected.
  • Do you spray my entire yard?  Your quoted price will also cover the entire acreage of your yard.  We don’t only treat what we can cover with one tank like some other companies.  We treat your entire yard because effective mosquitoes and ticks control has to not only eliminate those pests in your yard but also keep additional pest from entering.
  • Are you the cheapest mosquito and tick control around?  No, and here’s why: with mosquito and tick protection, you get what you pay for. Some companies use the least expensive products available and you’ll notice that in the results.  Mosquito Squad of Greenville uses the best products available and they are all EPA registered.  Mosquito Squad has an entire department dedicated to testing and continuously improving the ingredients in our treatment for the best possible mosquito and tick control.
  • How long does each treatment last? Our barrier spray not only eliminates mosquitoes and ticks on contact and creates a protective barrier around your treated property, it also contains a binding agent that will adhere to the vegetation in your yard, not washing away with the rain like some other companies.  The residual keeps working for 21 days, which is when we are back applying another round of treatment.
  • Is your service backed by a guarantee? Yes it is!  Mosquito Squad of Greenville stands behind our proven and effective products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you notice mosquito or tick activity on your treated property between sprays, give us a call and we’ll come back to re-spray.


Mosquito Squad of Greenville eliminates mosquitoes that bite
Mosquito Squad of Greenville eliminates mosquitoes that bite and spread disease.


Mosquito Squad of Greenville knows that protecting your family and pets from mosquitoes, ticks and the diseases they can carry is important to you.  And, it’s important to us.  So, do your research and compare our services.  We think you’ll see why Mosquito Squad of Greenville is the mosquito and tick control company for you.  Guaranteed.



Give Mosquito Squad of Greenville a call to begin your season long mosquito and tick control.

Mosquito Squad of Greenville Now Protecting Residents Against Spiders and Fleas

Mosquito Squad of Greenville, the proven leader in mosquito and tick control, has expanded our services to protect our area residents from spiders and fleas this season.  So, you may be asking, what makes Mosquito Squad of Greenville’s services better than other companies out there?  We’re glad you asked.

Mosquito free life

You may already know how effective our barrier spray treatment is at eliminating mosquitoes and ticks.  We come out every 21 days to apply the barrier spray to the vegetation in your yard; where mosquitoes and ticks reside and feed.  This effectively eliminates them on contact once they touch the leaves.  But the barrier spray does more that just eliminate on contact.  It also contains a bonding agent that keeps the treatment from washing away in the rain.  The residual remains effective up to 21-days, eradicating those additional mosquitoes and fleas that have found their way to the vegetation.  In addition, it creates a protective barrier around your yard so other mosquitoes and ticks do not enter.


Our barrier spray eliminates ticks and mosquitoes on contact.
Our barrier spray eliminates ticks and mosquitoes on contact.

New this season is an additional service that can be combined with our mosquito and tick spray to control spiders and fleas on your property. In addition to spraying your vegetation, we will also spray around the structure of your home, the eaves, windows and doors to keep spiders and fleas from invading these areas.  What makes our service superior is that it is applied every 21 days for the most effective control, not every 90 days like most pest control services.  You will continue to receive the added bonding benefit, keeping the treatment where it needs to be, working efficiently, even through rainstorms.  In addition, we apply one treatment in January to the structure of your home to keep protecting throughout the winter, until our services start up again in the spring.  It’s a total year protection against fleas and spiders so you don’t have to worry.


As with all our services, once you sign up for the season, you are automatically scheduled for your treatments.  No additional phone calls are needed to book your follow-up appointments and you don’t have to be home when we treat your yard.  Mosquito Squad of Greenville will do all the work for you so you can spend your time enjoying your yard, Keith-Drew,-Ownermosquito, tick, flea and spider free!  Give us a call today to start your season long protection before these pests start disturbing you.

Channel 4 reports on the benefits of using Mosquito Squad of Greenville



According to Channel 4 News, this years mosquitoes are arriving much earlier and in greater quantities due to all of the rain that the Upstate has seen in the past few weeks. The rainfall has caused a great amount of standing water, the perfect environment for mosquito breeding. According to channel 4 News the best thing you can do this season to prevent the bite, and the possible diseases that can come along with a mosquito bite, is to tip, toss, turn and use Mosquito Squad of Greenville’s barrier spray treatments.


Keith Drew, Mosquito Squad of Greenville
Keith Drew, Mosquito Squad of Greenville

To learn more about Malaria No More or inquire about controlling and preventing mosquitoes on the home front contact Mosquito Squad of Greenville today at Call us today for a free quote • (864) 277 – 4299 • email:greenville@mosquitosquad.com

6-Year-Old North Carolina Girl Has Died From Tick Bite Infection

Tragically, 6-year-old Emilee Russell of Black Mountain, North Carolina has died after being bitten by a tick over Memorial Day weekend, ABC affiliate WLOS reported. Not long ago, Emilee finished Kindergarten and had so much to look forward to; however, after an unexpected tick bite, a tick borne sudden illness known as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever took control of the young girl’s body and caused her untimely death.

The tick borne illness, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF), is a potentially fatal illness caused by the bite of an infected American dog tick, brown dog tick, and Rocky Mountain wood tick. RMSF is the most common tick-borne illness in the Carolinas. Symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever include lethargy, fever, headache, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, dark circles around the eyes and muscle pain. A spotted rash on the extremities may also develop but is often absent in the first few days, and in some patients, may never develop. A scab may also develop at the site of the tick bite. Antibiotics are most effective if started before the fifth day of symptoms. The illness is diagnosed in the early stages through clinical signs and symptoms. Blood tests can be conducted to diagnose the illness as well. Early detection and treatment is the key to halting the progression of RMSF. If left untreated the illness can cause complications such as damage to multiple organ systems, profound neurological deficit issues, amputation of limbs due to the damage caused in the process of the disease and even death.

The young girl’s father, Battalion Chief at Black Mountain Fire Department, Chief Steve Jones describes the young 6-year-old as, “Just… that pretty little smile… she could just look at you with that smile and break your heart.” While the Carolinas will certainly feel the loss of a precious life lost way too soon, it is the hope of the Emilee’s Primary School teacher that her life is not lost in vain; Ashley Styles states “I definitely want people to be more aware of what a small tick bite can do.”


Unfortunately for the Upstate, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is just one of the many tick borne illnesses that homeowners must watch out for. In addition to RMSF, ticks can also cause Lyme Disease and Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness. Mosquito Squad of Greenville wants to remind residents that there is no magic immunization available to prevent becoming infected with a tick-borne illness. The best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from coming into contact with a potentially infected tick is through knowledge, tick control and prevention.

Currently, Mosquito Squad of Greenville offers a tick intensive treatment that is designed to eradicate all life cycles of the tick. We combine tick tubes along with our safe and effective barrier spray to keep you, your family and pets protected from potentially infected ticks on your treated property. To learn more about tick eradication contact Mosquito Squad of Greenville today. Call us today for a free quote • (864) 277 – 4299 • email: greenville@mosquitosquad.com

You can also read more about Emilee and the fundraisers set to raise money for her medical bills at: http://www.wlos.com/shared/news/features/top-stories/stories/wlos_6yearold-dies-rocky-mtn-spotted-fever-12073.shtml and http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2013/06/14/girl-dies-after-tick-bite-infection/

Tick ID

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and Mosquito Squad of Greenville is committed to raising awareness of this growing health issue


May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and Mosquito Squad of Greenville is committed to raising awareness of this growing health issue

First recognized as a disease in the US in 1975, Lyme Disease is now becoming a growing health concern for Americans as the number of annual cases reported in the US continues to rise. According to the American Lyme Disease Foundation, Lyme Disease is “an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a type of bacterium called a spirochete that is carried by deer ticks. An infected blacklegged tick can transmit the spirochete to the humans and animals it bites. Untreated, the bacterium travels through the bloodstream, establishes itself in various body tissues, and can cause a number of symptoms, some of which are severe. “ Symptoms can range from flu-like symptoms such as fever, chills, fatigue, body ache, and headache to more severe symptoms such as severe joint pain and swelling, neurological problems, and even heart problems. If you think you have Lyme Disease symptoms, you should see a physician immediately as early detection and treatment aides greatly in the success rate of such treatments.

Mosquito squad of greenville 5-8-2013

Since 2002, more than 280,000 Americans have been diagnosed with the disease making Lyme Disease the most common arthropod-borne illness in the U.S. However, its diagnosis and treatment can be challenging for medical professionals due to the wide range of ways that Lyme Disease can manifest itself in those infected. In addition, there are also limitations of currently available diagnostic blood tests making it difficult to diagnose the disease.

One of the best ways to protect your family is by taking preventative measures to ensure that you are keeping the tick population in your yard under control. Such measures include utilizing plants and shrubs that don’t attract deer and keeping tall grasses away from the home entrance and edges of the lawn. In addition, homeowners can create a barrier between wooded areas and play areas. Keeping the yard clean and free of debris will also help to reduce tick populations. It is important for homeowners to perform a daily tick check and treat any ticks with barrier sprays and tick tubes.

Mosquito squad of greenville 5-8-2013 b

For more information regarding Lyme Disease, you can visit the American Lyme Disease Foundation website at http://www.aldf.com/lyme.shtml. If you would like to learn more about Mosquito Squad’s beneficial mosquito and tick control and prevention programs contact Mosquito Squad of Greenville today. Take the first step to keeping your family happy and healthy this season. Call us today for a free estimate • (864) 277 – 4299 • email: greenville@mosquitosquad.com

 Keith Drew, Mosquito Squad of Greenville


April is National Pest Management month and Mosquito Squad of Greenville is dedicated to raising awareness on the risks of insect-borne illness

April is National Pest Management Month and the perfect time to learn about mosquito and tick control for you and your loved ones.
April is National Pest Management Month and the perfect time to learn about mosquito and tick control for you and your loved ones.

For over 30 years The National Pest Management Association (NPMA), has been celebrating April as National Pest Management month. The purpose of this observance is to raise public awareness about the risks posed by household pests and encouraging homeowners to take proactive steps to prevent pest infestations in their homes and properties. National Pest Management Month also honors the professional pest control industry for playing a key role in protecting both health and property from significant pest-borne threats.

Our service targets mosquitoes and ticks and the significant role they play in spreading illness and disease. Mosquitoes found in our region are known vectors of West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, La Crosse and St. Louis Encephalitis. Ticks in the Greenville area are known vectors of spreading diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis, Southern tick associated rash illness, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis and yes, Lyme Disease too. One common denominator all these mosquito and tick-borne illnesses have in common is the lack of an immunization in preventing the risk of becoming infected. Each and every one of these illnesses is contracted through the bite of a mosquito or tick carrying the bacterium that cause the illness, and therefore the only prevention against getting sick is to prevent coming into contact with mosquitoes and ticks. This is where Mosquito Squad of Greenville comes into play.

Mosquito Squad of Greenville eliminates mosquitoes that bite
Mosquito Squad of Greenville eliminates mosquitoes that bite and spread disease.

Mosquito Squad of Greenville is dedicated to protecting residents in the area from the risks associated with mosquitoes and ticks. April signifies a time to raise public awareness about mosquito and tick borne illness and the active role our service plays in reducing the risk of these illnesses.  You have to remember that our customers are our neighbors. The same homeowners that we provide services for are the same people we consider our extended family. Part of living in a small community is getting to know people. We have contact with our customers daily and not just when we go to treat their property. These folks are the people who frequent the same grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants as we do. Our children attend school and play together on the playground. These people are Greenville and for this reason alone the services we provide through Mosquito Squad of Greenville are geared to protecting our most valuable asset; the residents.

Mosquito Squad of Greenville also protects you from ticks and the threat of tick-borne illness.

Our services provide protection from mosquitoes and ticks all season long. When the mosquitoes emerge during the early spring, our program can keep them at bay on your treated property the entire season. We offer the same inclusive protection from ticks as well. We combine the use of tick traps in the early spring and autumn along with our barrier spray to break the life cycle of the tick and thus, break the chain of tick-borne disease. Our tick intensive treatment can reduce the amount of ticks on your treated property by up to 97%. Mosquito Squad of Greenville’s mosquito and tick prevention programs are safe and highly effective. We can reduce your risk of being exposed to potential vectors of tick and mosquito borne illness on your treated property significantly. Our service not only allows you the freedom to enjoy your backyard during mosquito and tick season without being bitten, it also provides peace of mind on the home front.

Keith Drew, Mosquito Squad of GreenvilleApril is the perfect time of year to raise awareness of the risks associated with insects which are prevalent in the Greenville area. If you would like to learn more about our beneficial mosquito and tick control and prevention  programs contact Mosquito Squad of Greenville today.  Take the first step to keeping your family happy and healthy this season Call us today for a free quote • (864) 277 – 4299 • email: greenville@mosquitosquad.com