Mosquito Multiplicity; Revealing the Results of How Just One Mosquito in Your Greenville Backyard Can Spawn Thousands!

Mosquito Squad of GreenvilleMosquito season is in full-force here in Greenville and Western NC. Mosquitoes are not only bothersome, they are also pose a dangerous health concern due to the various mosquito-borne illnesses they can carry. It only takes ONE bite from a mosquito carrying West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), or LaCrosse Encephalitis to make you, or a loved one, very sick. With that ONE infected mosquito in mind, we want to educate residents about how just one single mosquito can turn into so many more — in the blink of an eye…

When it comes to the amount of mosquitoes one female mosquito can spawn in your backyard in just four weeks, fact becomes stranger than fiction. The combination of warm weather, spring showers and an unprotected setting equals a recipe for a mosquito invasion.  By simple multiplication, the natural order of the mosquito population turns an army of one into an army of over 1 billion mosquitoes! Here is how it works…

  • Mosquitoes in your Greenville backyard week oneWeek One  In order for a female mosquito to develop viable eggs for reproduction she must obtain a blood meal from a human or other mammal. Once this has been acquired, she will then proceed to lay up to 300 eggs. Mosquitoes can lay up to three batches of eggs during their short lifetime. From here a female mosquito has already perpetuated a significant amount of blood-thirsty offspring in which about half or more, (male/female probability), will also become blood thirsty mosquitoes looking to start a family in your backyard too!
  • Mosquitoes in your Greenville backyard week twoWeek Two — This same backyard now includes 150 new female mosquitoes, plus the original matriarch which brings the total to approximately 151 female mosquitoes. This is where the equation really gets interesting; the 150 daughters of the original female mosquito will also lay up to 300 eggs each. This brings the total number of mosquitoes up to 45,300, of which at least half can also be expected to be female.
  • Mosquitoes in your Greenville backyard week threeWeek Three — Out of the prior week’s 45,300 mosquitoes, of which approximately 22,650 female mosquitoes will once again lay up to 300 eggs each bringing the number during their egg laying period to 6,795,300! This brings the total to almost 7 million mosquitoes brought into your backyard via one female mosquito in just 3 short weeks. Using the same simple formula of probability with half being born female will leave 3,397,000 females ready to do it all over again.
  • Mosquitoes in your Greenville backyard week fourWeek Four —  The most alarming answer to any outdoor living equation will weigh in at a whopping 1,319,250,000 mosquitoes from just one female mosquito! In addition to the biting, annoyance and irritation mosquitoes deliver, there is a chance just one of these 1.3+ billion mosquitoes could infect you, or a loved one with a mosquito-borne illness.

Fortunately, the moral of this story can have a happy ending! Mosquito Squad of Greenville can prevent and control mosquitoes in your backyard — from the very first female! Our trusted barrier spray program will eliminate mosquitoes that are present on your property and prevent more from taking up residence. By reducing the number of mosquitoes within your treated property, you can literally eliminate billions of mosquitoes. Not only will eliminating these mosquitoes offer you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy the outdoors this season, it will also reduce the number of mosquitoes within your yard that may harbor illness or disease.

Billy & Michele Scales, owners of Mosquito Squad of Greenville.
Billy & Michele Scales, owners of Mosquito Squad of Greenville.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Greenville today to put an end to mosquito-multiplicity the whole season. Our service is easy and worry free, call us at  (864) 277-4299 or via email at

Chikungunya in the U.S. – Should Greenvile Residents Be Worried About This New Mosquito-Borne Virus?

mosquito squad mosquito
Mosquito-borne diseases are increasing.

Have you seen all the media attention on a new mosquito-borne virus called Chikungunya?  Not only is it spreading rapidly, it is getting National news coverage on programs like Good Morning America.   That’s because the virus is new to the United States and is spreading quickly.  In fact, confirmed cases are as close to us as Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida as well as other states.

There is good and bad new regarding Chikungunya.  The good news is that although mosquitoes, specifically the Aedes aegypti, spread the virus no locally transmitted cases have been confirmed.  So how is the virus spreading?  By travelers who visit other areas where these mosquitoes are infected.  The greatest majority of travelers lately are coming from the Caribbean where they contracted the disease.

The bad news is that with the increasing number of confirmed cases, officials fear mosquitoes within the United States could bite an infected person and begin the transmission to others.  The other bad news is that because the virus is so new, there is no vaccine, cure or specific treatment for Chikungunya.  Fortunately, most symptoms that include fever, headaches, muscle pain and an itchy rash can be treated and typically do not last too long.  But, some with the disease in other countries have reported joint pain lasting as long as five years or a relapse of this pain after symptoms had subsided.

Enjoy your yard this summer with mosquito protection.
Enjoy your yard this summer with mosquito protection.

The best protection again Chikungunya as well as other mosquito-borne diseases is prevention.  That can sometimes be difficult in these summer months when you want to spend time outdoors.  Mosquito Squad of Greenville can help protect you and your family with our triple protection mosquito barrier spray.  Our barrier spray targets mosquitoes and eliminates them on contact.  A special binding agent allows our spray to remain on your vegetation, continuing to eradicate mosquitoes for 21 days, which is when we come back for another application.  It also creates a barrier around your yard to keep additional mosquitoes from entering.

One call to Mosquito Squad of Greenville sets you up for our triple protection barrier spray all Keith-Drew,-Ownerseason long.   Don’t let any mosquito-borne illness ruin your summers when Mosquito Squad of Greenville is ready to protect your family.  Call us now to sign up and you’ll be enjoying your yard all summer long.

Mosquito Squad of Greenville, SC explores the reasons for the mosquito’s attraction to people

Mosquitoes have roamed the earth in search of a blood meal for over 170 million years. You would think that with this type of longevity and resilience most of the myths regarding mosquitoes feeding preferences would have been de-bunked by now. It is true that many of the facts regarding the mosquito’s attraction to people are stranger than fiction.

Since some folks seem to be a magnet for mosquitoes it is important to find out why mosquitoes target certain people over others. The truth is mosquitoes are drawn to some people over others simply because of sight and smell. Mosquitoes are very visual and their

Dark clothing is an attractant for mosquitoes
Dark clothing is an attractant for mosquitoes

first mode of search is through vision. Mosquitoes are drawn to darker colors such as black, navy blue and reds. Dark colors are more likely to attract the attention of a mosquito because they stand out and are easier to differentiate during movement than lighter colors which can blend into the surroundings. After the mosquito sees you as a promising visual target then her keen sense of smell takes charge. Mosquitoes are mainly attracted to the amount of carbon dioxide we exhale. Our bodies naturally produce carbon dioxide with every breath we take. As we breathe we take in oxygen and in turn exhale carbon dioxide and this draws the mosquito to us like a moth to a flame. People with higher metabolic rates are likely to produce more carbon dioxide. Pregnant women and larger people also exhale a greater amount of carbon dioxide as well. Studies have also indicated that alcohol consumption can increase respiration and thus increase the amount of carbon dioxide you exhale.  Having a beer or a mixed drink on the deck this summer may just make you the mosquito’s unsuspecting main course.

The aromas produced from our respiration are just one of the smells which attract the mosquito. Other compounds that our bodies produce also contribute to a mosquito choosing to bite one person over another. These attractants include lactic acid which our

The Asian Tiger mosquito
Mosquitoes are attracted to many chemicals our bodies produce naturally.

bodies naturally excrete during exercise, acetone which is another chemical released during respiration, and estradiol which is a byproduct of estrogen. Cholesterol on our skin’s surface will also make you more appetizing to the mosquito. This does not mean mosquitoes are more likely to bite a person diagnosed with higher cholesterol levels. When our bodies process cholesterol efficiently certain residuals will remain on our skin and the mosquito finds this residual irresistible. Each of these compounds combined with your body temperature can make you more attractive to a mosquito. Mosquitoes are cold blooded creatures which makes their preference for warm bodies and warm blood a contradiction in terms.

It is important to find out the triggers to mosquito attraction because they can leave more than an itchy bite behind. Mosquitoes are known vectors of many illnesses and diseases that can make you very sick. West Nile Virus, St. Louis encephalitis, and La Crosse Encephalitis are among just a few of the illnesses being bitten by a mosquito can incur. Mosquitoes are also responsible for infecting our pets with heartworms, which can be fatal. The best way to ensure your safety and the safety of your family and pets is to exercise common sense when it comes to mosquitoes. Conducting frequent checks

Tip over standing water to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds
Tip over standing water to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds

within your yard for standing water and items that could potentially act as a reservoir for rain or pooled water is essential to keeping mosquitoes from breeding on your property. Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in as little amount of water as a soda bottle top. Having your property treated by a licensed mosquito control representative is also important. These safeguards will help to keep mosquitoes out of your yard this season and off of you and your family.

Our safe and effective barrier spray program eliminates mosquitoes and prevents more from entering your protected property for the entire season. Our mosquito control program is convenient and highly effective at keeping mosquitoes out no matter how attractive your chemistry is to the mosquito. We schedule applications of our barrier spray at timed intervals throughout the season to keep you and yours happy and healthy all season long!

Contact Mosquito Squad of Greenville today to learn more about our safe and effective mosquito control program. Call us today for a free quote • (864) 277 – 4299



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